Who We are

Mikey D Apparel was started in March of 2017 and is headquartered in Columbus, Ohio. Our primary focus is on making quality, comfortable apparel with a clean, classic design. This is not rocket science, it's clothing...and as long as you feel good and look good in our apparel, that's all we care about.

We currently have 3 main lines. The OHIO GAINS line - the design that put us on the map. We offer a wide range of workout apparel adorned with this popular design. The MD PERFORMANCE line - custom fitness apparel designed to sculpt and support your body through all intensities of workouts... sports bras/leggings/shorts sets, joggers, men's performance shorts and tops, track jackets, and much more. And, lastly, The OHIO PROUD line - comprised of comfortable and stylish tees, tanks, sweatshirts, hoodies, hats, etc... in which people can wear to rep the great state of Ohio, especially on GAMEDAYS!!!

Most recently, we've been working with new factories to develop new products and styles to add to the MD Performance line, which will provide for a more national reach. Be on the lookout for all the new product launches coming over the next few months!!!

Michael Demedio

Founder and CEO

What's good, peeps!!! This is my chance to talk directly to you, so that is what I'm going to do. Many of you already know (and hopefully many new people will find out) that I am unapologetically me, and always tell it like it is. I am super passionate about both fashion and fitness, so it made sense to start this little thing we call Mikey D Apparel. Prior to this, I was in the corporate world for over 15 years. Then, after attending the Arnold (Schwarzenegger) Fitness Expo back in 2016, the initial idea of starting this company popped into my head. One year later I launched, and here we are today. I've often said that I don't even consider this a real company, as I am just, "a one-man band, with a van, no plan, and Instagram." I also like to rap, but I digress. Haha!!! I’ve had a lot of fun over these first four years, and along the way, started to build something that people really seem to like.  

So, what’s next??? Over the last year we've been working with new factories to produce the quality gear that will take us into this next chapter. The emphasis has been on growing our MD Performance line to include a much more expansive portfolio of custom activewear. We've done A LOT of research and development. Many new products and styles have been through the test phase and are currently in final production. What’s that mean for you? It means that new product launches are on the horizon, and I couldn’t be more excited!!! And, as a final note, I want to let you know that my main philosophy will never change. The objective is to provide you with quality fitness and athleisure wear that is COMFORTABLE, FLATTERING, and encompasses a CLEAN, CLASSIC look. That is it people...as I like to say, "sh*t ain't rocket science!!! 

Thank you all for your continued support,